Four Side Hustles For Freelance Writers

More Hustles = More Opportunities To Earn

5 min readJul 7, 2021

The New Age

In today’s age, more and more people are taking to the internet in search of remote jobs to do what they love. For many of us, that dream job is writing. Writing is lucrative and can generate plenty of sustainable income, and many seasoned freelancers can attest to this.

The question is, how exactly did they get there? Everyone wants to make it to the top, but we all have to start somewhere. Today I would like to share with you my top four freelancing platforms. I will be noting the highlights I have found with each, but also the downsides, so you can decide what is worth your time.

The first platform I came across when searching for freelancing sites for writers was Textbroker, and it is a pretty decent starting platform. The process is as follows:

As with many platforms, you start by entering your details and information to be able to receive payment. Then, you are required to draft a short article written to the best of your ability and submit it for review. They will look over your writing and assign you a rating of 2–5.

Unlike other freelancing sites I have seen, this one has an Open Order pool. You may browse this pool of available orders based on your rating. For example, if you are rated level 4, you will have access to orders in levels 4, 3, and 2. If you are level 2, you will only have access to orders in that pool.


  • Ability to choose what projects you work on from the hundreds available
  • The feature that shows your pay as you are writing
  • Potential bonuses for continuing writers
  • The team invitations which often have slightly higher pay


  • Low pay rates
  • Demanding requirements that aren’t worth the listed pay. Fortunately, you can view requirements before accepting an order to decide if it’s worth it to you

Next on the list, we have Rev. This platform is quite different from the other three as it is transcription-based instead of article-based. Still, I think it proves to be useful in expanding one's own skillset. This is especially important as the next two platforms can be used for transcription services, as well as writing and other services.

The process for Rev includes completing a brief trial transcription test. Once submitted, they will reach out to you with an email of acceptance or rejection. If accepted, you will be met with phase two. Here, you will complete their short paid trials. Once you have reached the end, the results will display areas of improvement.

Once the brief trials are completed, you can begin the third phase. You will have access to a greater amount of orders, all of which will count towards your scores. Keeping your scores high will ensure you can become an official Revver. Failure to meet the baseline scores will render you ineligible for Revver status. Once you are through the door, higher-paying orders await you.


  • Pay is listed on the order
  • Transcribe an audio length of your choice. I recommend starting small to get a feel for transcribing
  • Many opportunities for improvement in the beginning phases
  • Leveling up increases order and pay pool


  • Small projects might take a very long time in the beginning as you are getting used to transcribing and using the tools
  • Lengthy guidelines book. Fortunately, you will pick it up pretty fast after completing a few orders with it open
  • Pay is not ideal for the amount of work at times
  • Many poor-quality audios. These tend to pay more


Upwork is a much larger platform than the first two listed, and for good reason. Instead of an order pool, you can search for and apply to any jobs you’d like. Unlike the others in this list, Upwork jobs might be posted as one-time or long-term listings.

To get started, fill out your profile as much as possible. This will help build trust between you and your potential clients. Then, you can begin applying to jobs! Each month you receive a set of Connects which you can use to apply for jobs for the month.

Some postings require more Connects than others. Clients can also send you invitations for jobs they have posted, so the more complete your profile, the better!


  • Ability to set your own hourly rate
  • Feature to post your own projects and set delivery times and prices. Clients can order these directly on your page
  • Many monthly Connects available to apply for jobs
  • Earn ratings at the end of each project. These create social proof of your skills and build trust


  • Once you run out of your free monthly Connects, you can buy more or wait until the month is up
  • You might face some difficulty getting your foot in the door. Many people apply to the same jobs
  • You may wait some time before hearing back about a project you applied for, or you may never hear back at all
  • 20% service charge on all projects


The final of the four potential side hustles is none other than Fiverr. Fiverr is a primarily gig-based platform. You create “gigs”, or projects, where you choose the price, delivery time, and deliverables included in the package. Clients can then reach out to you and order your gigs.

This platform has a few cool features that will allow you to make the best out of your profile and help you rake in the orders. Switching from selling to buying mode will enable you to view and search for gigs in your category. By looking at other sellers’ prices, deliverables, time frames, and descriptions, you will be able to see what is attracting sellers.

Some other helpful features include the portfolio link in each gig, as well as the skills tests. By linking your portfolio, you are showing potential clients that you have completed work similar to what you are offering. Skills tests are also a means to helping you establish trust with your clients. These tests are essentially a stamp of approval showing you have the skill set necessary to get your listed jobs done.


  • You have control over every aspect of your gigs
  • The algorithm will help you show up in searches
  • Ability to share your gigs on social media platforms and gain traction
  • Your gigs can be as broad or as niche as you’d like
  • New sellers can list up to 7 gigs!


  • Often it is a waiting game to get your first few orders
  • Buyer requests are a bidding war
  • You will come across difficult or scammer clients
  • 20% service charge per order

Wrapping It Up

Now that we have covered both the perks and downsides of each site, I feel one thing is important to note. While the downsides can definitely seem make-or-break for certain platforms, please remember that no platform is perfect. There are bound to be a few kinks in each one. You just have to decide which ones are worth your time!

I hope you find yourself checking out a few of these sites if you haven’t already. Trying something new can only teach you more about your craft. Good luck fellow freelancers, and happy writing!




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