5 Tips For Introverts

2 min readJul 8, 2021

Hacks To Help You Navigate The World

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As someone who has been a life-long introvert, I am excited to share a few things with you I have learned along the way. Navigating a world that seems to cater to extroverts can be tiring. So, I hope you find these tips helpful in your worldly ventures!

Embrace it!

I know it may seem like you need to come out of your shell to make it in this world, but you don’t. It is okay to exist as you are. A preference for alone time over social gatherings doesn’t make you any less valuable.

Exposure therapy

This tip isn’t my favorite but also happens to have helped me the most. Is there an event you would prefer to avoid but also would like to check out? Go for a few minutes, and leave when you need.

Are you going somewhere you will have to meet new people? Bring a friend! You don’t have to do it alone. Small changes in the way you choose to approach situations will help make them much easier to navigate.

Act Before You Think

I know this one seems backward, but I promise there is some truth to the method. This method is not one you should follow daily, but it can be beneficial in a few situations.

Introverted people tend to overthink themselves into situation avoidance. Unfortunately, this can lead to many missed opportunities. So, here’s what you can do.

Once you recognize a situation that is causing your mind to whirl, jump on it, and fast! Even though you might be anxious and already thinking about what could go wrong, do it.

By seizing the moment, you will have already done more than you thought was possible. That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment!

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

While it is always important to challenge yourself, it is also vital to your well-being to say no. Sometimes it is necessary to have that alone time and space to reset.

Don’t be intimidated by the word or anyone’s response to it. No is, and always will be, a complete sentence, and your mental health is so important.

Adopt A Furry Friend

If you have the means to care for and bring another being into your home, a pet would be a fantastic choice.

Animals are great emotional support buddies and can also provide a little extra comfort when you want to be alone — but not truly alone. The bond you create with a furry companion is unlike any other and is well worth it!




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