3 Reasons Why Cancel Culture Needs To Go

It’s time to push positivity

Unsplash — Priscilla Du Preez

Canceling Forgos Growth

Many times, those who are canceled aren’t given adequate time to apologize for their wrongdoings. Instead, the pack mentality ensues and tears the “offender” down before they’ve had a second to respond.

To Apologize Or Not To Apologize?

Another major flaw in this system is that it prevents genuine apologies, and continues to socially execute those who are truly sorry. Once a creator is riding the road to complete cancellation, it is often far too late to make real amends with their audience.

Our Mental Health Is Suffering

Media consumers have become too accustomed to spewing negativity. So many creators, who are at most strangers to us, constantly worry about onlookers turning on them. Who knows what innocent post could backfire?



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