3 Reasons Why Cancel Culture Needs To Go

It’s time to push positivity

2 min readJul 8, 2021
Unsplash — Priscilla Du Preez

A widespread phenomenon that has been wreaking havoc across many social media platforms is none other than the toxic Cancel Culture. This occurs when viewers catch wind of something a creator may have done or said that they deemed cancel-worthy.

The idea many cancel culture pushers stand by is that canceling a creator will teach them — and others — some sort of lesson. Unfortunately, this trend has only proved to be extremely toxic and harmful to everyone involved.

Canceling Forgos Growth

Many times, those who are canceled aren’t given adequate time to apologize for their wrongdoings. Instead, the pack mentality ensues and tears the “offender” down before they’ve had a second to respond.

The trendiness of hopping on the canceling bandwagon has become more important than the lesson the creator learns.

To Apologize Or Not To Apologize?

Another major flaw in this system is that it prevents genuine apologies, and continues to socially execute those who are truly sorry. Once a creator is riding the road to complete cancellation, it is often far too late to make real amends with their audience.

If a creator apologizes after being canceled, then they only did so to save face. If they refuse to deliver publicly — because many know a public apology is futile at best — then they deserve to be driven off the platform. What creator wants to apologize if all they will be met with is hate? I truly believe viewers have lost sight of the meaning of accountability.

Our Mental Health Is Suffering

Media consumers have become too accustomed to spewing negativity. So many creators, who are at most strangers to us, constantly worry about onlookers turning on them. Who knows what innocent post could backfire?

I know most are familiar with the phrase “ We have to hold them accountable.” If you ever find yourself scrolling through the comment section of a canceled creator, ask yourself a few things. What does this accomplish? How is this productive? When does accountability become hate? How much hate have we disguised as such?

It’s time to let go of cancel culture, begin to understand what true accountability and atonement are and learn how we can use them to reignite positivity across all platforms.




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